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Social Flowers As A Gift

Unique Gift Idea: Flower Delivery by Social Flowers

Social Flowers is a unique gift idea because it's a modern, cool take on sending the timeless gift of fresh flowers.

Social Flowers lets you send flowers without a delivery address which makes it unique and special because you can send anyone a gift:

However you choose to send the gift of Social Flowers, the recipient will receive a “You’ve Got Flowers” link which they use to provide a delivery address. That’s cool and unique right there. Both the sender and recipient personal information is kept private and secure.

Giving the gift of Social Flowers will surprise your recipient with a new take on flowers making you look cool and modern.

Flower delivery is available to any recipient in the United States and Canada.

Unique Because You Can Request It a a Gift Publicly And Have It Be Delivered

Social Flowers is a gift you can request publickly on social media. This means that anyone on social media including internet celebrities, influencers and escorts can ask for flowers and have them delviered to their door safely.

All you need to do on social media is to mention that you want flowers, then link to Social Flowers and let your friends or audience do the rest.

Unique Because It's a Risk Free Gift

Social Flowers is also unique because it’s risk free. If the recipient does not accept your flower gift, you are not charged anything.

A Unique Gift Idea - No Delvery Address Required

With Social Flowers, real flowers can be sent to anyone. Previously, you needed to have a delivery address for the recipient. That’s hard to have these days since people move around a lot and addresses are something that’s difficult to keep track of.

Asking for an address raises flags and requires explanation. Social Flowers solves this in the unique way of having the recipient provide a delivery address.

A Unique Gift For Women, Men, Colleagues, Co-Workers and Social Media Contacts

You might be wondering, who can I send Social Flowers to? The answer is pretty much everyone.

In a poll, 61% of men said they would like to receive flowers and we have a feeling that number might secretly be higher. Flowers are beautiful and flattering to anyone.

This means you can send flowers to men, women, colleagues, co-worker, social media contacts, influencers, an escort and anyone you think would enjoy flowers.

And what if you're wrong and the recipient does not want to receive flowers or this unique gift from you? Social Flowers is risk free! If the recipient does not accept, you are not charged at all for your order.

Try Social Flowers today to flowers in a new and unique way.

Unique Fun Gift Idea For Yourself

Social Flowers is also a unqiute gift idea for yourself. Well, sort of for yourself, and perhaps even better than for yoursef.

Yes, you recieve the floewrs but Social Flowers lets you request flowers on social media which means other people send you flowers in this unique and special way.


Prices include tax and delivery.

You only pay if the recipient accepts the flowers.

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