Send Real Flowers Through OnlyFans

Social Flowers lets OnlyFans users send, request, and receive real, florist delivered flowers from fans through OnlyFans website and app.

Flower delivery through OnlyFans is available to creators that live in the United States or Canada.

How It Works - Flower Delivery Through OnlyFans

  • A creator posts that they want to receive flowers and links to Social Flowers.
  • The fan follows the link to Social Flowers and pays for flowers.
  • The fan receives a 'You’ve Got Flowers' link for the creator to accept flowers.
  • The fan sends their the OnlyFans creator the 'You’ve Got Flowers' link through a private direct, private message on OnlyFans.
  • The creator clicks on the link and provides a delivery address, we deliver fresh flowers.
  • We keep the information of all parties private and secure with our ‘Double Blind’ system.
  • If the creator does not accept, the fan does not pay for the flowers.
  • Social Flowers lets you send, receive and request flowers through any social connection including OnlyFans.

Request or Ask for Flowers on OnlyFans

Any OnlyFans creator in the United States or Canada can ask for flowers from their fans. Post that you want flowers. Also post a link to Social Flowers so that you can receive flowers safely.

That's it! Fans see your request and follow the link to Social Flowers. When they buy flowers and send you a "You've Got Flowers" link in a private message on OnlyFans you'll know this worked.

Why A Direct Message on OnlyFans is Needed to Send the "You've Got Flowers Link"

A “You’ve Got Flowers” link allows the OnlyFans creator to enter the delivery address to receive the flowers. The 'You've Got Flowers' link is sent by you by a private message on the OnlyFans website or app from a fan.

Anyone with a 'You’ve Got Flowers' link can receive flowers so it’s important to only send this link to the the intended creator privately in a DM that only they will see. You can't post this link publickly on OnlyFans otherwise anyone with the link can accept your flower gift.

More on Sending Flowers Through OnlyFans and Social Networks

Order today and make and show your OnlyFans your appreciation with a 'You've Got Flowers Link'!