Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Social Flowers?

    Social Flowers makes it easy to touch a life with flowers by allowing them to be sent without knowing the delivery address.

    All that is needed is an email address, mobile number, or social media contact. The recipient provides the delivery address and chooses a date to receive the flowers.

  • How and where do you deliver flowers?

    We hand-deliver flowers through our preferred local florists anywhere in the United States and Canada.

    Our parent company has been online since 1999 and has delivered over 1.5 million flower arrangements. More.

  • What makes Social Flowers different?

    For the sender:

    • Send flowers with any type of contact information
    • Let the recipient decide where and when to receive the flowers
    • Only pay for flowers if they are accepted

    For the recipient:

    • Choose where and when to receive your flowers
    • Keep your address private
    • Have the option to decline flowers
    • Request flowers from anyone
  • How can Social Flowers be used?
    • To send flowers to a date
    • In the workplace, flowers can sent to celebrate, thank, or attract new business
    • A friend can send flowers to someone getting out of hospital and not worry about what delivery address to use
    • To support a family member or friend that is grieving
    • To show someone you are thinking about them while they travel
    • To send flowers anonymously to brighten someone's day
    • Anyone with an internet presence can receive flowers from contacts, followers, and fans
    • A charity can use it as a gift to thank donors and volunteers
    • A retirement home can make it easier for families to send flowers to their loved ones
  • Will my information be shared?

    No, we do not share your information with the other party.

    The recipient only sees the card message on the flowers and the name the sender provides.

    The sender receives acknowledgement from Social Flowers that the flowers were accepted. They may also receive a message from the recipient when accepting the flowers.

  • What is a "You've Got Flowers" link?

    This is the link that the recipient uses to provide a delivery address and choose a date to receive the flowers.

    This link can be sent to the recipient by Social Flowers, or by the sender through email, text, or social media.

  • Does sending Social Flowers spoil the surprise?

    When the recipient receives the the "You've Got Flowers" link, they are still surprised. With this surprise comes anticipation. After the recipient receives their link and chooses a delivery date, there are at least several hours, and perhaps a few days, before the flowers arrive. During that time, they will wonder and think about what they are getting. When the flowers arrive, they are surprised again when they see their flowers.

  • Which social media platforms can flowers be sent through?

    Any social media platform that allows a direct (private) message to be sent.

  • Why can't the "You've Got Flowers" link be posted publicly on social media?

    Anyone with a "You'e Got Flowers" link can accept flowers. Posting this link publicly means that someone other than the intended recipient can accept the flowers.

  • Your flowers seem expensive, are they?

    Our prices are on par with local florists and other national flower delivery services. We welcome you to compare us to these other options. When doing so, we ask that you avoid a comparison to "boxed" flower delivery which is instead shipped by courier and arrives in a box.

    The price shown on our website is the total price which includes tax and delivery.

    A few things should be considered with price in general. Flowers delivered in the United States and Canada are grown and cared for in Central and South America. After they are harvested, they are transported by plane and then stored and shipped in cold rooms until they are selected, arranged, and hand-delivered by a local florist.

  • Who operates Social Flowers?

    It was created and is operated by Florist One, a leader of innovation in the florist industry for more than 20 years. More.