How to Send Flowers Anonymously With Social Flowers

  • Choose your flowers
  • At checkout, select the anonymous option and provide the recipient’s email address and/or phone number
  • Social Flowers contacts the recipient
  • If the recipient agrees, they provide a delivery address and choose a date to receive the flowers
  • Fresh flowers are hand-delivered by a local florist
  • Personal information such as address and name are not shared with either party
  • You only pay if the recipient accepts the flowers


Anonymous With Consent

The idea of “anonymous” flowers evokes feelings of mystery and intrigue. While many people love being surprised with flowers, not everyone likes receiving things anonymously. Social Flowers takes the uncomfortable or creepy out of sending flowers anonymously by letting the recipient choose if they want to receive them or not.

Consent before flowers are delivered makes it more comfortable and less risky for both parties.The recipient can avoid getting flowers they do not want. The sender can avoid sending and paying for an anonymous gift that is not welcome.

Card Message - What Say and Not Say

All messaging on an anonymous order needs to be thoughtful, classy, and avoid anything that is creepy.

Things to Say

  • Be uplifting, supportive, positive, complimentary, playful, classy 

Things Not to Say

  • Anything that could make the recipient uncomfortable

Reasons to Not Send Flowers Anonymously

Even with the consent aspect to Social Flowers, there are important reasons not to send flowers anonymously.

  • If the recipient does not want contact with you
  • They are in a relationship
  • To test someone’s loyalty 

Anonymous as a Way to Uplift Someone

An anonymous gift does not have to be romantic. Sending flowers anonymously can uplift a person going through a difficult time. 

Someone may be going through a rough patch in their lives and you may want to send them flowers to brighten their day. You may not want to sign your name and prefer to have the flowers come from ‘Anonymous’—a friendly gift from a nameless supporter that cares about them and wants to brighten their day.