The Importance of Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers convey love, serenity, rebirth, and the radiance of the soul. We send flowers to show our bond to the departed and to provide comfort, warmth, and support to those left behind.

But having flowers delivered to the funeral isn’t always simple. 

The Potential Problems With Sending Funeral Flowers

Two questions need to be answered before we send flowers:

  • Where are the funeral services?
  • Which service should I send flowers for?

This is a busy, stressful time for the family—choosing a funeral home sometimes happens just days before the funeral. There is often limited opportunity to pass on information to everyone that needs it, and unfortunately, not everyone is informed.

How Social Flowers Helps Sending Funeral Flowers

Social Flowers lets you send funeral flowers by having someone from the deceased’s family provide the delivery information. You can send them without knowing the funeral home or even before it’s been chosen.

They receive a “You’ve Got Flowers” link through email, text, or social media which prompts them to enter the delivery address and date.

You are only charged if the family accepts the flowers.

Flowers Sent, But Not Always Seen

Unfortunately, flowers are sometimes sent to the funeral home, but not  seen by the family. It is not uncommon for flower arrangements to be left in a back room or being missed to be put out for display. 

Using Social Flowers alerts the family that you’ve sent flowers which  allows them to look out for them.

Funeral Homes Can Help Send Flowers to the Family’s Home

Sometimes people hear about the passing of a loved one after the funeral and still want to send flowers to the family. 

Funeral homes are often asked for the family’s address which puts them in a difficult position: They can’t share private information, but they want to support this thoughtful gesture.

In this situation, the funeral home can direct the person to Social Flowers. Flowers can be purchased and the family is contacted to provide the delivery address. The family’s home address is kept private from the sender.

Used by the Family to Receive Flowers

Social Flowers can also be used by the family to receive flowers for a funeral service. They can email a link to Social Flowers or post it on social media, letting family, friends, and colleagues know the best way to send flowers for their loved one.