Send, Receive and Request Real Flowers Through Social Media

Social Flowers lets you send and receive real florist-delivered flowers through social media. We also make it easy for you to request or ask for flowers through social media. Flower delivery is available to any recipient in the United States and Canada.

We’ve solved two sides of the same problem: the sender not having a delivery address for flowers, and the recipient needing to keep their delivery address private for safety and security.

The solution is a “You’ve Got Flowers” link which the sender receives when they place an order. The sender sends the recipient the “You’ve Got Flowers” link through any social media platform. The recipient clicks on the link to provide a delivery address.

We keep information private and let you send flowers to social connections.

How It Works - Flower Delivery Through Social Media

  • The sender chooses and pays for flowers here at Social Flowers.
  • The sender receives a “You’ve Got Flowers” link for the recipient to accept flowers.
  • The sender sends the recipient the “You’ve Got Flowers” link through a direct, private message any social media platform.
  • The recipient clicks on the link and provides a delivery address, we deliver fresh flowers.
  • We keep the information of all parties private and secure with our ‘Double Blind’ system.
  • If the recipient does not accept, the sender does not pay for the flowers.
  • Social Flowers lets you send, receive and request flowers through social connections.

Our "Double Blind" System Keeps Your Information Private, Safe and Secure

A “You’ve Got Flowers” link allows the recipient to enter the delivery address to receive the flowers.

The customer can’t see any of the recipient’s personal information that was entered to receive flowers such as delivery address, email address and phone number.

The recipient can’t  see customer information such as address, payment information, email address and mobile number. The recipient will only see the flower card message on the flowers.

Our customer service software system has built in features to keep your information private. Our customer service agents can only see one side of the order at at time, the sender or recipient. This means means that our customer service agents can't give out information of the other party while they are servicing orders.

Flower Delivery Through Social Media

You can send, request and receive the gift of real flowers through any social media platform that allows for a direct, private message to be sent including:

Social Networks

Communication Platforms

Dating Websites and Apps

Send Flowers to Social Connections

Social media can be noisy with repetitive conversations and interactions. Social Flowers lets you stand out. You make a meaningful connection and a lasting impression with the timeless and beautiful gift of flowers.

Social Flowers can be used to:

  • put a smile on a face
  • make someone feel special
  • celebrate a birthday, anniversary, new baby or any occasion
  • make and impression, get attention or be noticed
  • help close a sale or business deal
  • say you’re sorry in a meaningful way
  • thank someone
  • brighten a day and uplift someone
  • surprise someone that is not expecting flowers
  • show romantic interest
  • create intrigue by sending flowers anonymously

Giving the gift of Social Flowers can show the recipient you are:

  • thoughtful, generous, caring
  • thankful and grateful
  • elegant and classy
  • interested romantically
  • different, unique, modern

Receive Flowers Through Social Media

Social Flowers makes it easy and safe for you to receive and request real flowers through social media.

If you have been sent flowers, you will receive a “You’ve Got Flowers” link from the sender in a private message on a social media platform.

When you click on the link, you will visit a secure page at Social Flowers. You just need to supply a delivery address and choose a delivery date. The sender will not see or have access to your delivery address.

That's it! Flowers are hand-delivered by a local florist. If you liked, the experience, you can even request flowers on social media.

Request or Ask for Flowers Through Social Media

Requesting or asking for the gift of flowers through social media is one of the most exciting aspects of Social Flowers. Anyone can use Social Flowers to ask for flowers. Of course, 'anyone' can include influencers and internet celeberites.

To ask for flowers, just post a request for flowers publicly for on your social media platform or on your social media profile. In that request, make sure you post a link to Social Flowers so that you can receive flowers safely.

That's it! Your audience, followers, or friends will see your request and follow the link to Social Flowers. When they buy flowers and send you a "You've Got Flowers" link in a private message you'll know this worked.

The Problem of Delivery Address That Social Flowers Solves

We don’t have address information for most of the people we communicate with on social media, which means we can’t easily send them flowers.

If we want to receive or request flowers through social media, we don't want to share our personal address which is needed for flower delivery.

Social Flowers solves this problem by having the recipient provide a delivery address.

To use Social Flowers to send flowers, you only need to be a friend or a contact of the recipient on social media and be able to send them a private message.

If you've been sent flowers through Social Flowers and have received a “You’ve Got Flowers”, you just need to provide a delivery addres which the sender will never see. If you want to request or ask for flowers through social media, all you have to do is ask on social media and then link to Social Flowers.

Social Flowers lets you send, receive, or request flowers in your social network through any social media platform. The old way of sending flowers meant you had to know someone well enough to have a delivery address for. Now, flowers can pass through any and all social connections.

Why A Direct Message is Needed to Send the "You've Got Flowers Link"

A “You’ve Got Flowers” link allows the recipient to enter the delivery address to receive the flowers.

Anyone with a “You’ve Got Flowers” link can receive flowers which is why it’s important to only send this link to the recipient in a private message through a social media platform. (The “You’ve Got Flowers” link can also be sent by email or text if you have that information for the recipient).

Posting the “You’ve Got Flowers” link on public social media would mean that someone other than the recipient can accept your flower gift.

Flower Delivery To Social Connections

Send, receive or request the gift of flowers today with Social Flowers.