Modern Flower Delivery: No Address? No Problem!

woman receiving flowersWe‘re not just another flower company. We’re reinventing flower delivery by solving the delivery address problem.

Most people don’t have an address book or addresses in their contact list. We let you send real flowers to anyone with an email address, mobile number, or social media connection.

How does it work? They receive a link to choose where and when to receive their flowers. Every step of the way, privacy is our biggest priority. 
We partner with the best local florists nationwide to deliver fresh, beautiful flowers.
But this is not just about flowers, it’s about helping you make meaningful connections.

Your moments, your connections – made effortless with Social Flowers.

The Social Flowers Solution

Everyone wants to be thoughtful, but contact information can be a barrier. 

Picture this: A valued team member is faced with the loss of a loved one. You want to send your condolences, but don’t know the details. hospital flower delivery to patient

Or maybe your friend is having surgery. You want to show support, but you don’t know if they prefer flowers at the hospital or their home. 

How about a long-distance friend celebrating a milestone birthday,  but you lack their address to congratulate them. 

Social Flowers lets you effortlessly connect and show kindness in these important moments

Our Quality - The Proof Is In Your Pictures

When your flower delivery arrives, we do something different -  we ask you to take a photo. 

Why? Because a smiling face with beautiful flowers is the best way for the sender to see that their mission was accomplished and a meaningful connection was made.

This also helps us choose the best florists to partner with. 

So make sure to send us a snap!  And as a thank you - both the sender and recipient up to $50 in credits towards a future order. 

It’s not just about delivering flowers, it’s about connection - one snapshot at a time!

Decades of Experience

florist at shopSocial Flowers has been operating since 2007! 

Our decades-long journey started in 1959 from a family florist business on Long Island, New York. Some of our founders have been in the industry for three and four generations.

We started our online business, Florist One, in 1999 and have delivered more than 1.5 million orders since then.

But every order is more than just a transaction, it represents a heartfelt connection. We care about the flowers we deliver and the lives we touch.

Make a connection!