Social Flowers

Send flowers by email or text
or send flowers anonymously

How It Works

Send fresh flowers using a Mobile Number or Email Address

1. Select and pay for flowers. You are only charged if the Recipient accepts the flowers.

2. Provide the Recipient's Mobile Phone Number or Email Address.

3. Social Flowers messages the Recipient by Text or Email.

4. The Recipient provides a delivery address for flowers. Recipient and Sender information are kept private and will never be shared with the other party.

5. Flowers are hand-delivered by a local florist. You make that special connection.

How to Send Flowers Anonymously

1. Follow the steps above.

2. Under ‘Your Name On This Order’ mark the checkbox: I want to send flowers Anonymously.

3. ‘Anonymous’ will be the name the Recipient sees on the order. Your real name will not be shared with the Recipient.


All prices shown are the Grand Total price which includes taxes and delivery.

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