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Social Flowers lets you send real flowers and pay with crypto!

Pay with your favorite coin and we’ll deliver beautiful flowers for you across the United States and Canada through our partner local florists. 



The Social Flowers Solution

We make it easy for you to send flowers by not having to know their delivery address! All you need is the recipient’s email address, mobile number, or a social media connection. The recipient receives a link, and they provide the delivery address and choose when to receive the flowers! 

Social Flowers is not just about flowers; it’s about helping you easily make meaningful connections in life’s important moments!

Flower Delivery by Social Flowers With Crypto Payment

  1. Choose your flowers and pay with cryptocurrency
  2. Real flowers can be sent to anyone with an email address, mobile number, or social media connection
  3. Provide the recipient contact information that you have
  4. Social Flowers sends the recipient a "You've Got Flowers" link by email and/or text message
  5. You also receive the link, which you can send to the recipient through a social media direct message
  6. The recipient uses the link to choose where and when to receive the flowers
  7. All personal information is kept private, including your crypto wallet address
  8. We deliver flowers across the United States and Canada through our preferred local florists
  9. The recipient receives flowers and can share a picture or video with you
  10. If the recipient does not accept, your cryptocurrency is refunded

* If you have the recipient’s delivery address, you can provide it at checkout



Sender’s Choice Bouquet

Sender's Choice is a custom arrangement that lets you have flowers your way!

Tell us what you want and we do the rest. Set your price and choose colors, flower types, and let us know what occasion you’re sending for. 

Pay with crypto and make that important connection today!


Recipient’s Choice Bouquet

Recipient Choice lets them have flowers their way!

You set the price in dollars and pay in the crypto of your choice. Your special someone chooses flower types, colors, and the style of container. Our local florist partner creates and hand delivers the bouquet. You connect with them easily and brighten their day!



Cryptocurrency FAQs

Will the recipient see my wallet address?

No, the recipient will not see your cryptocurrency wallet address, also known as your public key. The recipient will not even know that you paid for the order in cryptocurrency.


How is my cryptocurrency refunded if the recipient does not accept the flowers?

If the recipient does not accept a cryptocurrency order or needs a refund for any other reason, you will be refunded in cryptocurrency.

We refund you the fiat value of the order converted back to the cryptocurrency. Refunds for cryptocurrency are done in the same cryptocurrency that the order was placed, not in cash or any other cryptocurrency.

Your refund will be done at the prevailing cryptocurrency exchange rate for fiat to your cryptocurrency—this may mean the cryptocurrency has increased or decreased in value since you made the purchase.


If I have the recipient’s delivery address, can I provide it at checkout?

Yes, there is an option to provide the recipient’s delivery address. 

If you don’t have the recipient’s delivery address, you will need to provide the recipient's email address, mobile number or have a social media connection with them. The recipient receives a link, and they provide the delivery address.


Who is your cryptocurrency payment provider?

We are proud to use Eukapay as our cryptocurrency payment provider!


What countries can flowers be sent to using cryptocurrency?

The United States and Canada the same countries to which Social Flowers delivers. 


More questions? Please see our FAQs.