How to Send Flowers to a Hotel

  • Choose your flowers
  • At checkout, you provide an email address and/or mobile number for the recipient
  • We contact them and ask them where they want to receive the flowers
  • You will also receive a “You’ve Got Flowers” link, that you can send them through any social media channel
  • The recipient can provide the delivery address/room number at their hotel 
  • The recipient also picks the delivery date
  • Your flowers are delivered by our preferred local florist
  • You don’t pay unless the recipient accepts and flowers are delivered
  • We deliver to any hotel across the United States and Canada

Reasons to Send Flowers to Someone Traveling

  • Show your girlfriend you are thinking about them
  • Having flowers in their hotel room reminds them of you every day they are away
  • Wish them luck or congratulate them on a job well done on a business trip
  • Comfort someone who is lonely while on the road
  • Tell someone you miss them and can’t wait for them to get home

Flower Delivery Challenges When Someone is Traveling

Sending flowers to someone traveling can be difficult. What city or hotel are they in? Often, you don’t know where someone is staying, at, especially if they are traveling to multiple locations.

The Social Flowers Solution

Social Flowers lets you send flowers to anyone that you have an email, text, or social media contact with.The recipient receives a “You’ve Got Flowers” link and can choose where and when they receive the flowers. If they are traveling anywhere in the United States or Canada, or to multiple locations, they can choose a hotel where they are staying for an extended period of time. If their trip is ending soon they might want to receive the flowers at home.

You are only charged if your recipient accepts the flowers.

Having the recipient be a part of the process also allows them to expect the delivery and look out for it. This helps ensure flowers are not left at the hotel lobby with the receptionist.