We all make mistakes. Sometimes words don’t come out as they should, or actions as intended. Other times we may act impulsively, or don’t think things through. 

Even when our mistakes are small, sometimes we replay them in our minds which creates doubt and leaves us feeling regretful. 

Making It Right With Flowers

Sending flowers is an elegant and beautiful way to say sorry and help smooth things over. They are also accompanied by a personal message to explain yourself and express any regrets. 

An apology can help release the mistake from your mind and your humility should be admired which can strengthen your relationship. 

Social Flowers Makes Apologizing With Flowers Easy

If you don’t have the home or work address of the person you want to say sorry to, how do you send them flowers? Not having an address for people we know is common, even for people we know well.

Social Flowers lets you say sorry with flowers by having an email address, mobile number, or social media contact. 

You select and pay for flowers. The recipient receives notification from Social Flowers along with your message letting them know you sent them. They provide an address where they want the flowers to be delivered. All personal information is kept private.

The recipient can also send a message back to you through Social Flowers letting you know that all is well.

Social Flowers makes it easy for you to say sorry to any of your contacts.