How are real flowers sent using just the Recipient's Email Address or Mobile Phone Number?

Social Flowers sends a Text or Email to the Recipient letting them know that Sender has bought flowers for them. The Recipient is asked to supply a delivery address for the flowers. Flowers are delivered by a local florist.

Will I be charged if the Recipient does not accept the flowers?

No, you will only be charged if the Recipient accepts the flowers. Your credit card is authorized for the amount of the order when you Checkout. Your credit card is billed only when the Recipient accepts the flowers.

Will my information be shared?

No, we do not share your information with anyone. If you are the Recipient, the Sender will never know your personal details such as your address. If you are the Customer, the Recipient will never know your address or payment information.

The Recipient will only see the Card Message on the flowers and the name of the Sender as provided by the Sender. The Customer will receive acknowledgement that the flowers were accepted by the Recipient and may also receive a message that the Recipient has sent when accepting the flowers if the Recipient has chosen to send back a message?

Can I send flowers anonymously?

Yes. To send flowers anonymously, in the section which reads: Your Name On This Order, check the box which reads: I want to send flowers Anonymously. ‘Anonymous’ will be ‘Your Name On This Order’ and this is what the Recipient sees.

At Social Flowers, we never share your real name with the Recipient, we just share ‘Your Name On This Order’.

How are flowers delivered?

Flowers are delivered by hand by a local florist. We do not ship flowers and our flowers do not come in a box.

We use a network of over 15,000 local florists.

Who is behind Social Flowers?

Florist One is behind Social Flowers.

Florist One has been online since 1999 and was born from a family florist business that goes back four generations to 1959. We're florists first but we also develop cool new technologies that help people connect with flowers.

Where do you deliver to?

Social Flowers delivers anywhere in the United States and Canada. We use a network of over 15,000 local florists to deliver our flowers by hand.

If I have the Recipient's delivery address, can I enter it at Checkout and not have you contact the Recipient?

Yes, there is an option at Checkout for you to enter the delivery address at Checkout in which case we will not message the Recipient asking for a delivery address.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards and Apple Pay for payments. The credits cards we accept are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Can I send a message in addition to the message Social Flowers sends?

Yes, we do allow the Sender to send a message along with our message to the Recipient when we ask for their delivery address. The Recipient can also send a message back to the Sender when they accept flowers.

If I decline flowers, will the Sender know I declined the flowers?

Yes, the Sender will know the flowers were declined to be received. The Sender will not be charged for the flowers unless they were accepted by you.