Flower Delivery to Canada

Send Flowers to Canada The Easy Way

Social Flowers makes it easy for you to send flowers to Canada. We’ve solved the problem of you not knowing the recipient’s delivery address in Canada.

Just choose and pay for your flowers. You receive a “You’ve Got Flowers” link which you can send to the recipient through social media or by email and text.

The recipient provides a delivery address. We use the best local Canadian florist to hand-deliver fresh flowers.

More on How It Works for flower delivery in Canada and sending flowers through social media or by email or text.

Provinces and Territories We Deliver To

What Information Do I Need to Send Flowers To Canada?

Social Flowers makes it easy by requiring very little information about your Canadian recipient. You just need to be a contact of the recipient through any social media including Facebook.

Alternatively, if you can have the email address or mobile number of the recipient but it’s not necessary if you are a social media contact. If you do have the email address and mobile number of the recipient, Social Flowers can also contact the recipient to send them the "You've Got Flowers" link.

Where Can Flowers Be Delivered in Canada?

We deliver flowers to all of Canada. This includes all 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Can Flowers be Delivered to Hospitals and Funeral Homes in Canada?

Yes, Social Flowers delivers to hospitals and funeral homes in Canada.

For example, let’s say you’re sending flowers to a patient in a hospital in Canada but the patient might be moved to another room or leave the hospital shortly. You may not know where the flowers should be delivered to but the patient does and can enter the address as the hospital with the correct room number or they can even have the flowers delivered to their home in Canada if they will be leaving the hospital shortly.

Let’s say you’re sending flowers to a funeral service in Canada. You don’t know which funeral home the service is being held at or maybe there are multiple locations for the funeral home. With the “You’ve Got Flowers” link, the family can decide where the flowers should be delivered to as they have information that you may not.

What Country Can I Send Flowers From?

You can send flowers to Canada from any country in the world. The country you’re in does not matter. As long as you have a valid credit card, you can place an order to Canada.

We frequently get orders to Canada from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Australia, South Africa and India.

Our service is not limited to English speaking countries and we also have customers from France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, all of the European Union, South America, Asia, Africa and around the world.

What Currency Will I Be Charged In?

For deliveries to Canada, you will be charged in Canadian dollars. Your credit card company will do the necessary conversion to charge you in your local currency.