Send Real Flowers Through Reddit

Social Flowers lets you send real, florist delivered flowers to a Reddit user. To send flowers through Reddit, the Redditor needs to be able to receive a Private Message (PM) from you and live in the United States or Canada.

Sending flowers through Reddit can be used to thank someone, to make an impression, or to get attention. Social Media and Reddit can be noisy, busy and repetitive. Fresh flowers that are hand-delivered by a local florist brightens a day and cuts through the mundane to get you noticed.

How It Works - Flower Delivery Through Reddit

  • Choose and pay for flowers here at Social Flowers.
  • You receive a “You’ve Got Flowers” link for your Reddit recipient to accept flowers.
  • You send the Redditor the “You’ve Got Flowers” link through a PM (Private Message).
  • Your recipient clicks on the link, provides a delivery address and we deliver fresh flowers.
  • You touch the life of a Redditor and make an impression with flowers

Why A Private Message on Reddit is Needed to Send the "You've Got Flowers Link"

A “You’ve Got Flowers” link allows your Reddit recipient to enter the delivery address to receive the flowers. The "You've Got Flowers" link is sent by you via a private message to their inbox on Reddit.

Anyone with a “You’ve Got Flowers” link can accept the flowers so it’s important to only send this link privately in a PM message that only they will see. You can't post this publicly in a subreddit because anyone with the link can then accept the flowers.

More on Sending Flowers Through Reddit and Social Networks

Order today and make and impression with a Redditor with a "You've Got Flowers Link"

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